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Quality Pet Food


Our first order - back in September - we've come a long way with supplies, foods, toys, treats.  As customers ask, we try to supply what you need.  We are focusing on healthy, quality and safe foods and treats - Canadian made where possible - sustainably sourced and human food grade quality.  

Canadian - Freeze Dried Raw


For cats and dogs.  Different proteins.  You need less, and feed less because of the lack of unnecessary fillers and additives.  Canadian made.  

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Cat and Dog meals - proudly Canadian made.   Healthy, quality, recipes and proteins. 

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Frozen Raw


A variety of blended dinners as well as supplements, single proteins and snacks.   Canadian made. 

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Comparable to Pet Store Brands


Merrick has Freeze Dried Raw, Limited Ingredient Diets, specific for small dogs.  Cat and Dog menu choices.  We have it on good authority that this brand is comparable to (or even better than) major pet store brands.

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Veterinarian Recommended


Taste of the Wild

Various coloured bags of dog food with the Taste of the Wild logo and word marks at the top.

By special request, we have ordered in a couple of Taste of the Wild products - buffalo and venison proteins.  If there are other types you would like - please let us know.  Due to space, we are only bringing in what is popular.  Check out their page at .  Dog food advisor reviews can be located at  Although not a Canadian company - they do have excellent reviews and are made by the same company that makes Kirkland and Nature's Domain the Costco brands.  And closer to home.

Bling, Collars, Leads

A line up of small dogs with sunglasses, sweaters, coats etc.

We have a variety of collars, leads, harnesses and leashes in a variety of colours and sizes to fit anyone from a small cat to a large breed dog.  If you don't see what you need, let us know and we can order it in for you.  We do have a variety of nylon, rope and silicone products on hand.

Coats and Sweaters


At TobyandBellas we have a supply of hand knot sweaters in various sizes and colours as well as winter coats, pajamas, sweaters and boots in various sizes and colours.  Something to fit "nearly" everyone.  We have recently received an order of blaze orange reflective vests as well - they'll be on the shelves soon. 

Pet Toys and Balls


We have the traditional Kong products as well as some new toys and chews for all the critters - cats, dogs, rodents, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs.  Stop by to see our selection.  Rope toys, silicone toys, balls, mirrors, kat nip mice, twist up mice, feather teasers, stuffies, bones...lots to choose from. 

Beauty Needs


Stop by for your basic beauty needs - shampoo, flea and tick prevention products, combs and brushes, tooth care products, eye wipes, ear rinse and Chubb's soap bars.  

Minor Medical Needs


Foods to settle an upset stomach (seek medical advice first), calming products, basic supplements, cones...more to come. 

More than Just Dogs

bright yellow and orange bird with red beak parakeet budgie perhaps

All your bird needs - here

We are pleased to provide quality and affordable diet mixes for your feathered friends.  We have seed, treats, toys, accessories for canaries and finches, budgies, parakeets, cockatiel and parrots.  If you don't find what you need/want - let us know and we will see if we can order it in.  


Cats and Kittens, Oh My!

TobyandBellas has all your cat and kitten needs as well.  We have litter - different types for different needs - environmentally friendly and compostable - foods, treats and toys.  Stop by to see our selection - close to home.


Rabbit, Guinea Pig Needs

We have learned that baby rabbits and guinea pigs need a higher alfalfa content in their feed until they are older.  Then they can move on up to adult feed.  We have both.  Vitamin C fortified for guinea pigs; mixed matter as well as pellets for different diets.  We also have large bags of Timothy hay as well as bedding, feeding cups and watering bottles.  Oh, and we can't forget the snacks and chews to keep teeth growth in check.


Rat, Hamster, Gerbil and Mice Needs

We have seed, pellets and mixes for rodents as well as treats and chews.   We  have large and small bags of bedding and litter as well as feeding cups and watering bottles.  

There are also a variety of snacks and chews to keep teeth growth and chewing in check.

If you don't see what you need, or can find it cheaper elsewhere (regular price) let us know and we'll see what we can do.


Fish, Turtle Feed

To date we have a small section of fish needs, basic feed, water treatments and additives.  If there is demand, we will be happy to order in what you might need.  

Stop in to check our stock and then let us know.  We're here to fill your pet needs.